• 01 FEB 2011

Golf in Sóller, Majorca If you like playing golf, a mere 10km away in the direction of Valldemossa you?ll find the Son Termens golf course which is situated at the side of the Tramuntana Mountain Range. A unique facility for playing the sport surrounded by mountains in a fantastic environment. What?s more, in Majorca there are a vast number of courses for all levels. The most popular sport in Majorca is undoubtedly golf and although it is not an adventure sport, it is a sport which allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet and the landscape offered by nature. The Balearics bring together excellent qualities for this activity and this is why there are an increasing amount of people visiting Majorca in winter with a view to switching off and unwinding whilst playing this sport. At present in the Balearics there is a total of twenty five clubs which are characterized by being of the highest level. Of the twenty five clubs, twenty two are in Majorca which is already enough to discover the green sport on the island. Today, the Balearics have a total of twenty five senior level clubs, whereof twenty two are in Majorca, two in Ibiza and one in Menorca, more than enough to cover this type of offer on our islands. Many golfers from the north of Europe are unable to play golf in their own countries in the winter owing to the weather conditions. But with Palma airport two hours away by plane, and with the mild climate of the islands, even in winter, golf is a good excuse for getting out of the wintery cold of northern Europe.