• 08 AGO 2010

Bread with olive oil This is the simplest and most well known dish on the island. Basically, pa amb oli is literally just bread with olive oil and salt, unlike pa amb oli i tomàtiga (bread with olive oil and tomato). The tomato used in Majorcan bars and restaurants is the remellet. This dish is served acompanied by the local pickles and cured meats or embutits. 8 slices of round brown bread 4 ramellet tomatoes or medium sized ripe tomatoes 2 dl virgin oil 100 g Majorcan olives Pickled sea fennel (fonoll marí) 4 cs capers Salt 1.Slice the bread. Cut the tomatoes in half and rub into one side of each slice of bread. Season with salt and sprinkle with virgin olive oil. 2. Serve with pickles typical of the island: pickled sea fennel, pickled Majorcan olives and capers.