• 01 MAR 2008

DIVING IN SOLLER MAJORCA Diving boat-trips to some 30 different diving points and reaching a depth of up to 30m. Cave-diving, night-diving, underwater digital photography, beginner, intermediate and advanced PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses. Majorca provides a great number of underground caves and coastal areas as well as magnificent scenarios and even different archaeological sites which represent a scenario both for new and more experienced divers If you want to take up this activity when you come on holiday to Majorca but you think the language barrier could be a problem, don?t worry as in Majorca there are lots of diving schools with experts endowed with a high degree of preparation and a good knowledge of languages. The cleanliness of the water is the key factor which sets the Balearics apart from other destinations as you can even practice apnea or simply dive with a snorkel. This is the most economical way of getting to know the beautiful spots which are hidden in the archipelago. By diving you can get away to a different world packed with new textures, colours, forms and creatures. And if you don?t know this sport, you can have a new, unforgettable experience and here you can also take courses, different certificates which will make you a qualified diver and in this way you can find out what you?ve been missing. Diving means getting away from routine and getting to know new sports, exploring the underground world which holds magical places and even archaeological sites, old reefs or sunken boats.