• 01 FEB 2008

The Tramuntana mountain range ? is the district with the most dramatic character on Mallorca. It consists of the largest area of protected natural space in the Balearics. Within it are located the ?rooftops of the Island? with no less than 10 peaks being more than 1,000 metres above sea level. The most notable is Puig Major de Son Torrella -1,447m, followed by: Puig de Massanella (1364 m), Puig des Tossals Verds (1,118 m); Sa Rateta (1,113 m); Puig de L?Ofre (1,090 m): Serra d?Alfàbia (1,068 m); Puig des Teix (1,064 m): Puig de Galatzó (1,027 m) and el Puig Roig (1,003 m ). All of the peaks are accessible on foot, an effort rewarded by the breathtaking views from the top. The sea is always at the level zero, heightening the perception of altitude for the climber and viewer. Points of interest in this mountainous region of Mallorca are almost limitless. It contains two natural monuments- - the dramatic ravine water course known as the Torrent de Pareis and the natural underground springs of Fonts Ufanes de Gabellí. The caustic action of water corrosion on the calcareous rock faces over the millennia has resulted in the sculpture of some extraordinary shapes. The Tramuntana mountain range forms part of the natural spaces of the Balearic Islands with which one most easily associates the practice which one most easily associates the practice of eco-friendly alternative tourism. Its meandering paths make all types and lengths of excursion possible for the visitor. For some years now, it has boasted aso-called ´´GR`` - a well-trodden path hewn by Mallorcan craftsmen and recognized for its quality at a European level called ´´The dry Stone Route``