• 01 MAR 2007

FORMENTOR MAJORCA At the northernmost point of the island, is Cap de Formentor, a peninsula that stretches approximately 20 km out tothe sea, its precipitous cliffs plummeting from as high as 400 metres into the sea. At the point where the lighthouse stands there are spectacular views for miles around. The most impressive scenery in the district of Pollença is undoubtedly found on the protected península of Formentor with its cliffs, rugged mountains that rise majestically to fall heavily into the ever-changing sea. A winding road that crosses the peninsula follows the numerous cliffs. It ends at the Far de Formentor, a spot of dramatic beauty that rises gently to two hundred meters above sea level, and from where you can make various trips to many coves. (Cala Murta, Cala Boquer, Cala Figuera..) or watch the fascinating birds that nest in the area.