• 01 ENE 2006

Flysurfing/Kitesurfing in Majorca Crystal clear, emerald waters, fine, white sands and the sun of Majorca accompanied by a good wind are the perfect combination for practising this sport; all you need is a kite by your side and a board and the rest will be provided by the island?s landscape. You don?t need to go half way round the world nor to Hawaii to enjoy this activity. As here you will find the adrenalin and the perfect combination to make the most of the sea. In Majorca you will find beaches recognised as the best beaches in Europe and what?s more, if you choose the right area, you will find the perfect wind for flying your kite. Kitesurf is not just a sport but a lifestyle. Tourists or the Majorca locals are increasingly the ones who decide what they?re going to during the day following the weather forecast. Maybe this is due to the speed for planing on the water or maybe because of the sense of a lack of weightlessness. Tips for starting this sport: If you?re new at this and you?ve never kitesurfed before, you have to take a few classes to learn to command the kite and the board. In Majorca there are several kitesurfing schools spread around marvellous beaches as well as in Barcarés or at Pollença beach where you will find monitors who will be more than happy to teach you the ropes. All you need to do is sign up to the courses as the material and everything you?ll need to sail (basically, harness, kite and board) will be provided by the school. Remember that depending on the weather conditions, you may experience danger so it is important that should you have even the slightest query, always ask for advice and never sail alone. Lots of beaches are recommended for practising this sport, for example, in the Can Pastilla area 45 minutes away by car from our Estate is a good option. However, if you wish to get to know the Island better when practicing the sport, we would advise you to visit Formentor first and then you can practice the sport in Pollença an hour and 15 minutes away from Sóller. In Majorca you will find beautiful landscape, constant wind and a pleasant climate all the year round so we would urge you to come make the most of the Mediterranean sea whilst enjoying the sun of Majorca.